E85 Ethanol Available for Pickup

E85 (or flex fuel) is a term that refers to high-level ethanol-gasoline blends containing between 51% and 83% ethanol.

We have E85 Ethanol available for purchase at our Braid Street location. We are prepared to pump directly into your vehicle or, alternatively, into jerry cans. E85 is a high performance fuel that can be used in Flexible Fuel Vehicles; you will be required to sign a waiver as it is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the fuel will be compatible with his or her car.

In order to sign the waiver and purchase fuel, the following requirements must be met:

  • drivers license(which will be photocopied and kept on file)
  • license plate number
  • make and model of the car

Please ensure that you have all of the required information with you at the time of purchase or we cannot provide you with the fuel.

While it is true that we will gladly fill up your jerry cans with this high performance fuel, we would love it if you brought your vehicle by the station so that we may see it in person because it’s not often that our people get the chance to see a super car.

With summer coming up, it’ll be time to take your work of art out for a drive so come on by to our location on 24 Braid Street which is open Monday-Friday from 6am to 5pm and make sure that your vehicle is fueled up with the right stuff! If you work during the weekdays and can’t make it for our regular hours of operation we are also available on Saturdays by appointment just give us a call at 604-522-6511 if you would like to set it up.